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Women economic empowerment Sustainable livelihoods Program

Empowering women in economic activities is critical to achieving gender equality, eliminating gender-based violence, and boosting national economies. YAWI emphasizes economic justice for women as a means of fulfilling their fundamental human right to economic resources and decision-making power. This includes equitable access to and control over resources, such as time and opportunities for economic activities.

It also advocates for changes to discriminatory social norms, economic structures, laws, policies, and practices that marginalize women. Investing in women’s economic empowerment helps to reduce poverty and advance gender equality.

a) We increase economic opportunities for women by developing knowledge and skills and connecting them to business development support services. Among these are efforts to boost women’s and girls’ confidence and self-esteem.

b) Increases access to market information and the digital economy to address structural barriers.

c) YAWI collaborates with stakeholders to improve women’s access to health and pension plans, especially for small-scale traders and domestic workers. ILO reports that 80% of the world’s population lacks formal social security beyond informal networks.