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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Millions of women face limited access to healthcare, often facing inadequate facilities and trained staff for culturally appropriate care. Power dynamics, unequal social norms, and global workforce shortages hinder women’s access to family planning and skilled care.

Additionally, humanitarian crises and chronic instability make it harder to reach these services, and women and girls still struggle to be heard.

What does YAWI do to address SRH barriers?

YAWI emphasizes that achieving the right to health requires addressing systemic factors like gender inequality, policy barriers, and power imbalances. We work with community leaders, women, and community health volunteers to understand the reasons behind high unintended teenage and young women pregnancies and illegal abortions among young and adolescent girls.

We challenge social and gender norms, so women can make decisions for their health and well-being.

Our activities include:

a) Enhance access to quality health services, including reproductive and sexual rights.

b) Promote safer sex education to prevent STDs, HIV, and unwanted pregnancies.

c) We focus on addressing adolescent pregnancy, particularly among 10-14-year-olds, and supporting pregnant girls and their mothers.

d) Community education on sexual reproductive cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment.

e) Collaborate with community leaders, parents, teachers, police, and health workers to combat social factors affecting SRHR, including early marriage norms, discrimination, and gender-based violence, and establish safe HIV treatment services.