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Human Rights and Gender equality program

Human Rights and Gender equality program

YAWI is committed to respecting human rights. Our motivation is deeply rooted in our core values. We promote a human rights-based approach to development and gender equality in our partnerships and work. In practice, this commitment means that YAWI and partners further human rights and gender equality by addressing barriers to poverty and injustice in context.

Program policy.

  • Interest and Rights of the most marginalized and discriminated right-holders addressed
  • Political and Legal empowerment of right –holders
  • Advocacy and Capacity-building of duty- bearers
  • Legal enforcement and access to justice and remedies
  • Meaningful participation and influence of rights –holders and partners in the project and programmers
  • Organizational policies and procedures are non-discriminatory and respectful of rights


How do we do this?. Supporting poor women to meaningfully and equally participate in decision-making processes, at their local levels. Sensitizing or engaging local government authorities and other actors, including businesses on their obligations and responsibilities to the groups with whom we work.
Working to reduce inequalities, particularly gender inequalities, and addressing all kinds of discriminatory policies, norms, and practices. Building on the capacities of vulnerable women, girls, and special groups and furthering their knowledge of human rights, access to networks, and links to authorities and relevant private actors. Using international human rights standards and mechanisms and facilitating access to justice and remedies

Current project: Elewa haki (Know Your Right) program:
The aim of this program is to use an innovative model with a low-cost communication network to empower young women and girls by connecting them to high-quality news and information about issues women human rights and violation which bring about inequality.
The project’s purpose is to address issues of Gender-based violence (GBV) which is the greatest source of gender inequality. Several components are used to reach out to women and girls The project educates and creates awareness among women, girls, and transgender people on human rights and provides channels for protecting and demanding justice where their rights have been violated. The main channel the project will use to educate the aforesaid groups is through digital media organizations which will include; innovative Facebook TV, Twitter handle, What App groups, recorded campaign videos, campaign arts, and SMS messages. In addition, using a mobile platform the project provides these groups with an anonymous reporting system to report any form of violence against them.


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