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Access to clean green energy means, children rural areas experience a 50% increase in educational results while being able to read more in the evenings. Also, households accessing green and clean energy are saving 27% of monthly household spending, giving them more money for health care, food, education, and other necessities.

Our project: Light is basic

The project provides rural women in Kenya with solar lanterns to light their homes. Most of the women in rural areas have no access to electricity and they have no hope of getting electricity in the near future. They use various sources of light but most of them are expensive, hazardous, and environmentally unfriendly. Solar lantern is cheap to maintain, it is the initial cost is reasonable and affordable to many. YAWI seeks to provide clean, renewable and free sources of energy as well as devices to increase their standards of living.

we have distributed over 500 solar lanterns, bringing clean light to thousands of women’s households. We have educated more than 300 rural women and girls in Kenya giving them the knowledge to contribute to the world we all want and make earn a living in solar lantern distribution. We are taking our programs even farther, working with new women every year. We can’t do this without your donations.

Thank you!