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Who is YAWI?

Young Africa Women Initiative (YAWI) is women rights, women lead and women focused organisation in Kenya.  We prioritize the needs and rights of women and girls in everything we do.

Why women: Women face social, cultural, and economic barriers to equality all over the world. Therefore, investing in women leads to a more equal, peaceful, and prosperous world. Women pass on knowledge to neighbors and children, creating a ripple effect for generations.

Our Vision

Working towards a gender based violence free society.

Our Mission

To promote, protect and advocate for the rights of women, ensure their freedom from all forms of violence and by providing them with tools and resources necessary to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self -sufficiency.


Our Values

Our values inform every decision we make and every interaction we have with our partners, donors, supporters, and colleagues.

We make progress as a group, not as individuals. We strive to foster trust, solidarity, and collaboration with those who share our values.

We seek out new ideas and different points of view. We are open, welcoming, and passionate about learning and growing.

We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.

Transparency, Accountability, and Sustainability:
Leadership ensures clear communication of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) values and aspirations, fostering transparency in the workplace.