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The Young Africa women initiative (YAWI) is a legal entity in Kenya with its headquarters in Nakuru. In Kenya YAWI has operations mainly in Nakuru county. YAWI is an African based organization for gender equality, women, children and girl’s rights. . we sensitize women and the community at large on embracing freedom of women from all form of violence, economic injustices, sexual and reproductive health, girl’s education and women economic empowerment.

Our Misson

To promote, protect and advocate for the rights of women to ensure their freedom form all forms of violence and provide them with tools and resources necessary to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

African women to live in a world that embraces integrity, peace, prosperity, respect for human rights and freedom from oppression.


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our programs Include


Access to clean green energy means, children rural areas experience a 50% increase in educational results while being able to read more in the evenings. Also, households in the accessing green and clean energy are s. . . Read More

Education For Girls

Education is still considered the single most potent tool to change gender dynamics that keep women and girls poor and subject to exploitation. YAWI understands that girls’ education goes beyond getting girls into. . . Read More

Sexual And Productive Health Sensitization

SRH is described by the amalgamation of “sexual health” and “reproductive health”. Sexual health has been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “a state of complete physical, emotional, mental . . . Read More

Support Teen Moms In Our Community

Teenage pregnancies has become a prominent issue in Kenya in the recent past. Teenage pregnancy and teenage marriage is a multi-faceted socio-cultural and endemic Human Rights violation which adversely impacts the p. . . Read More


COVID-19 has had ripple effects that at some point may be deemed more catastrophic than the epidemic itself. This includes socio-economic, health, psycho-social and even increased Gender based violence effects. Evid. . . Read More

Women Economic Empowerment Program(WEEP)

Our approach to WEEP is a rights-based approach to women's empowerment, advancement and gender equality. Through WEEP, YAWI offers opportunities for progressive change by providing a pathway for women and girls to a. . . Read More

Human Rights and Gender equality program.

YAWI is committed to respecting human rights. Our motivation is deeply rooted in our core values. We promote a human rights-based approach to development and gender equality in our partnerships and work. In practice. . . Read More

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16326-20100 Nakuru, Kenya

yawi@youngafricawomeninitiatives.org / yawipgrms@gmail.com

+254703661439 or +254743246638